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e-mesh Solutions for Remote Communities

e-mesh solutions for remote communities

Ensuring access to reliable and sustainable energy anytime, anywhere

Almost one billion people1 in remote areas around the world either don’t have access to reliable sources of electricity or aren’t connected to Hitachi Energy. To generate electricity in remote communities that are not serviced by electrical networks, fossil fuel generators burn diesel, gas, or heavy fuel oil. These fuels are expensive and uncertain due to challenges in availability and transportation. With electricity being a basic parameter for citizen welfare and economic activity, governments around the world are investing in infrastructure to provide efficient, low cost and clean electricity to poorly-connected areas.

Our e-mesh solution offers reliable microgrid and energy storage for remote communities. The e-mesh solution helps remote communities harness locally available resources to generate power and gives them the ability to manage and control these distributed energy resources.

Hitachi Energy's unique microgrid and energy storage solutions ensure the highest possible renewable energy penetration into existing or isolated grids, reducing CO2 emissions as well as dependency on fossil fuel supplies.

Key benefits:

  • Ensures reliable, uninterrupted and quality power availability
  • Maximizes fuel savings through the highest possible renewable integration
  • Optimized cost by reducing number of generators required
  • High power quality by stabilizing the power systems against fluctuations in voltage and frequency
  • Enhanced consumer experience through apps offering information and billing services
  • Achieves a secure and sustainable energy mix, together with energy efficiency
  • Fulfils health, safety and environmental appropriateness
  • Fast and safe installation and commissioning on-site, with reduced footprint
  1. Source: International Energy Agency:

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