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Vacuum reactance load tap-changer VRLTC

The VRLTC tap changer is an on-tank vacuum reactance type load tap changer suitable for either automatic or manual control. It is completely driven and controlled using digital technology and represents a major advancement in tap changer control, monitoring, and communication. The VRLTC meets all of the required specifications according to IEEE C57.131-1995 and IEC 60214.

Product scope

  • Base technology: Vacuum, reactance, on-tank, diverter switch
  • Common applications: Network, special, industrial


Max. BIL 200 kV
Max. breaking capacity 3,000 kVA
Max. rated through-current 2,000 A
Max. voltage over regulation range 16 kV
Max. rated step/tap-to-tap voltage 500/1,000 V

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Full digital control
  • Digital servo motor and controller
  • TLMS monitoring and control system
  • No analog devices needed for control
  • Readily adaptable to most smart grid systems
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