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Customer Success Story

Powering the very high speed trains

Flagship Velaro high-speed train is fitted with special traction transformer designed by Hitachi Energy.

More and more countries consider high-performance, high-speed trains a transport option to cut fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2009, Siemens selected Hitachi Energy to supply the traction transformers for its showcase Velaro D high-speed train, which from 2011 is operating on international routes across four countries (France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland).

The Velaro D has an operating speed of 320 km/h, carries 20 percent more passengers than its predecessor, and consumes only 0.33 liters of gasoline equivalent per passenger per 100 km. As cross-border rolling stock, it also has to use the power supplies of four different countries (AC and DC) and comply with the safety and signalling regulations of each country.

To help the Velaro D achieve these impressive operating characteristics, Hitachi Energy overcame a number of engineering challenges to produce a traction transformer with an exceptional performance profile.

Two traction transformers are fitted to every eight-car train. By incorporating a number of design innovations like multi-purpose components such as winding and lightweight materials, Hitachi Energy has reduced the total weight of the transformers. In addition, Hitachi Energy used its innovative integrated transformer and cooling system concept, which enables the train to operate for longer periods with low maintenance.

The combined effects of these features make a significant contribution to the Velaro achieving an operating speed of up to 320 km/h, while carrying 20 percent more passengers than its predecessor and consuming only 0.33 liters of gasoline equivalent per person per 100 km.

Main data
Delivery date: 2010

4’824 kVA in 15kV
5’220 kVA in 25kV



Insulating fluid: Ester
Position: Under frame
Country: Germany
Application: High speed trains

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