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Everything we do is based on safety, integrity and quality – our license to operate. ​

We promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. We believe that we can play a role within and outside of our organization and will work with our partners, customers, suppliers, and authorities to achieve this. ​

We are committed to achieving a profitable business in an ethical and responsible way conducting our operations with integrity, transparency and compliance.​

We strive for zero incidents of corruption and bribery​

We have a policy for zero tolerance for corruption and bribery - no matter how minor, we take resolute actions against any incidents of unfair business practices. We want to ensure an effective and accountable environment to prevent, detect, and respond to unfair business practices. As part of this, we maintain a solid whistleblowing program that encourages the disclosure of issues and the protection of whistleblowers.


We believe that we can play a vital role within and outside of our organization and will work with our partners, customers, suppliers, and authorities to achieve this.