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Customer Success Story


Series capacitors for increase of export capacity

Four Hitachi Energy series capacitors, each rated at 192 Mvar, were installed in 1987 in Hydro-Québec’s 315 kV network at Kamouraska in the south-eastern part of the province of Québec in Canada. With the series capacitors in operation, Hydro-Québec can increase its export of electric power to neighboring New Brunswick and Maine by several hundred megawatts.

The series capacitors are installed on four 315 kV transmission lines running in parallel between Lévis and Rivière du Loup, one series capacitor for each line. The transient stability of the system has thereby been increased, enabling additional power to be transmitted under stable conditions. By these means, the power demand of this part of the country can be satisfied all around the year, and still leave substantial amounts of power available for export (about 1.000 MW at present).

Without the series capacitors, an additional 315 kV line would have had to be built, with longer lead times as well as a considerably higher investment cost as compared to the series capacitor alternative.

Main data
System  FSC
Commissioning year  1987
System voltage 
 315 kV
 Rated reactive power   192 Mvar
 Degree of compensation   60 %
 ZnO varistor bank rating   120 MJ
 Protective level setting   2.1 p.u