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TRO620 Cellular and 802.11 Mesh Router

Hitachi Energy introduces its latest wireless communication solution with the launch of the next generation Tropos TRO600 portfolio.

We invite you to join our product architects for an in-depth walkthrough of this ground-breaking wireless communication solution.

The new Tropos hybrid wireless networks fuel the benefits of grid digitalization.

Digital transformation is accelerating the need for reliable, secure, high performance wireless networks and the number of devices requiring connectivity is growing exponentially. The challenge facing industries such as utilities, oil & gas and mining becomes – how to maintain high reliability and resiliency for mission critical operations while expanding the network and adding ever increasing numbers of devices and applications? Learn how the new hybrid wireless architecture from Hitachi Energy can help you successfully enable the digital transformation of your organization.

This hybrid wireless architecture seamlessly integrates 2G, 3G and 4G LTE communication technologies, self-healing broadband mesh and select sub-GHz technologies from our eco-system partners into a single device and builds on the Tropos foundation of high availability, superior reliability, IP standards-based security, high throughput and low latency products to future-proof mission critical operations in industrial and utility environments.


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