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Cape Electrical Supply

Contact Information


489 Kell Farm Rd
63701 Cape Girardeau
United States


+1 573-334-7786

Additional Information

Our business model is simple: The customer is our universe and we use our resources to satisfy the customer. The company has specialized in providing a high level of service and a large available product offering of the industry’s leading brand names. Chances are, if you need a specific electrical product by name, part number, or application, Cape Electric will have it available either through stock, vendor distribution, or factory order. Cape Electric’s growth has allowed the company to expand beyond the traditional commercial and industrial markets. Cape Electric’s presence in voice and data communication, utility markets, and residential showrooms has become well established during the past 15 years. And, we’ve successfully merged today’s technologies with our capabilities to become a national supplier to a number of leading U.S. companies. At the heart of Cape Electric’s business is the people factor. We’ve worked to craft a culture that frees talented people to develop business relationships and become the primary source for their customers’ product related needs. The results have been outstanding. We invite you to become part of our universe. We’ve been in business since 1953. Located between St. Louis and Memphis on the busy Mississippi River Corridor, Cape Electrical Supply has now proudly grown to multiple strategic locations in multiple states.

List of authorized area

Product Name Channel Type
Transformers - Transformer Components Distributor
Transformers - Insulation Components Distributor
Transformers - High Voltage Products Distributor
Transformers - Transformers Distributor
Transformers - Reactors Distributor
Transformers - Surge Arresters Distributor
Transformers - Capacitors and Filters Distributor