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Meet Our People 26-10-2022

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Meet our people: Angelo Vieira

Introducing Angelo Vieira, our Brazilian colleague based in Chile since 2013, where he leads the Sales Management of the Integration area (PGGI) of Hitachi Energy.
Angelo Vieira

Angelo is an electrical engineer from the Regional University of Blumenau, the same where he obtained a postgraduate degree in Production Engineering.

“Today, my responsibility is to lead the sales area, when the customer requires an integrated system, which encompasses everything from engineering to testing, in coordination with the different divisions of the company. The goal is to meet the sales volume, attract profitable and sustainable businesses, and maintain customer satisfaction, seeking with them the best solution to their challenges”, he explains.

On his history of professional, and personal, growth at the company, he says Hitachi Energy is an “excellent university”.

You learn a lot by working with people from different cultures and being in contact with factories around the world; in addition, the organization provides a freedom environment to develop ourselves at work and act with leadership in the development of our tasks

Professional path

He started his professional career in 2005, in the Planning area of ​​ABB’s plant in Blumenau, Santa Catarina. Three years later, he moved to the Sales area of ​​the same plant, responsible for the export market for Latin America, during which time he made contact with customers in Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

Due to his experience in the region, he was called in 2010 to coordinate from Chile the opening of new markets for the factory, and after a year, he returned to Blumenau. However, it was only for a short time.

“In 2013 I was offered the opportunity to come to Chile permanently, as Sales Manager of ABB’s Energy division. And a year ago I took over the Sales Management for Hitachi Energy’s Grid Integration business area”, he says.


He emphasizes how beneficial it is to work for a company that cares about the welfare of society. “Hitachi Energy is concerned about doing the common good, being socially responsible, caring for the environment, reducing carbon footprints; in other words, it not only seeks its own growth, but thinks about making a better world for everyone. All this generates feelings of belonging and pride in working in this company”, he emphasizes.

Angelo Vieira, married with two children, concludes that the value he most values in the organization is "the ability of its employees to promote business based on three key principles: safety, quality and integrity".