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Advanced Shipping Notification

Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) changes for suppliers

Our current digital transformation program impacts many of our Trade, Transport and Logistics systems as we move to a single Enterprise Resource Planning System. To ensure the success of our digital transformation, we have improved the process for inbound goods flow into Hitachi Energy factories, third-party managed warehouses and customer job sites.

Detailed Advanced Shipping Notification information provided to the receiving entity will allow us to create the in-bound delivery in a timely manner within SAP. Based on the Inbound Delivery Transport, the Customs and Goods receipt can be planned and executed better, providing benefits for both Hitachi Energy and our Suppliers.

Supplier instruction guide (EN)

Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) process

Hitachi Energy ASN template and contacts by location

The ASN information and documentation should be sent by email with the PO# in the subject title.


Please note that our transformation program is being rolled out in waves across locations. More contacts will be made available as each wave activates.