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Two specialist electrical substation engineers inspect modern high-voltage equipment during sunset. Energy. Industry

Resilience & Reliability

Your customers expect a stable and reliable power supply, whether there's a blue sky or storms. And the renewable generators connected to your grid expect to be able to transmit their clean energy 24/7.

See what solutions Hitachi Energy has for connecting clean electricity on and getting your customers connected quickly.

Build resilience in your transmission and distribution networks

Building a resilient network is critical. A network that is resilient to severe weather events or other unexpected threats to your network. Powering communities and keeping the lights on for your customers is a key deliverable for your network.

Improve reliability of your transmission and distribution networks

As you integrate more renewables into the grid and the demand for electricity increases, a stable power supply can become harder to achieve and reliably and securely maintain. We have a broad portfolio of solutions that help deliver quality power across the network, securely and sustainably.

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Two maintenance engineers men and women inspect relay protection system with laptop comp. They work a heavy industry manufacturing factory.

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