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Power factor controller RVT-DL

Smart control for dynamic reactive power compensation

RVT-DL is specifically designed to control the operation of static (thyristor) switches in an automatic capacitor bank. Loaded with a wide range of monitoring and control feature, it is a user-friendly and efficient device that can be commissioned manually or automatically.

RVT-DL can perform both single phase as well as three-phase measurements. Based on the measured values of currents and voltages, it monitors network power factor continuously and switches on or off different capacitor stages in case of deviation in it, as per the set power factor value, in an optimized manner. The high-quality LCD display of RVT-DL shows all critical parameters of network and equipment, like currents, voltages, active and reactive powers, power factor and harmonic distortion values.

For physical and digital security, RVT-DL is equipped with features like programmable overtemperature trip setting, fan control and password protection. With a wide range of connectivity options, the controller can be integrated to any PLC, energy management or building management system.


Capacitor banks for dynamic reactive power compensation in low voltage networks.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Long and Diverse experience in the field of power quality
  • Time tested and proven technology
  • High focus on product and process quality
  • Robust products, suited to all type of environments
  • Wide range of safety and cybersecurity features
  • Assured lifecycle support, through extensive global service network
Brief performance data



Rated auxiliary supply

230 VAC (±10%)

Measurement supply

3-phase 4-wire 230 VAC (L-N)

Line frequency

45 to 55 Hz

Voltage burden

6 VA for aux. supply, <0.5 VA for measurement

CT secondary rating

1 A / 5 A (selectable internally)

Current burden

<1 VA for grid feedback CT per phase

Accuracy of measurement

1% ± Digit for voltage and current

Minimum switching time

~20 ms

Transistor outputs

12 outputs, rated 20 mA, 12 – 24 VDC

Operating temperature

0 – 60 °C

Relative humidity

Up to 95% non-condensing


RS 485 standard Modbus RTU

Data logging

2 months of data logging provision with 1 hour interval


144 x 144 mm front fascia, 95 mm depth

cutout 138 x 138 mm


Front IP54, rear IP20


Approx. 1.5 kg