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Broadband mesh and cellular router TRO620


The TRO620 DIN-rail mounted cellular router provides a reliable and secure connection over public and private cellular infrastructures, with an 802.11 broadband mesh expansion option. Designed for field area networks (FAN) and distribution automation, this advanced communications platform combines cellular communication technology with Hitachi Energy's edge-compute-ready and broadband mesh functionality.

Key Features 

  • Enabling low total cost of ownership

  • Seamless uploads and downloads

  • Simplified remote management with Hitachi Energy SuprOS

  • Optimized network performance 

  • Industry-certified


The TRO620 is built specifically for the harsh operating environments of utility, oil and gas, mining, and industrial applications that monitor and control field automation endpoints such as intelligent electrical devices, industrial process controllers, and SCADA devices. 
The router supports your contemporary applications like video surveillance and streaming applications, while the Ethernet and serial interfaces support a wide variety of current and legacy protocols. 
Security is designed into the hardware and software. You can depend on the TRO620 for critical infrastructure-grade security, from its highly secure service port and integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) to device certifications, integrated zone-based firewalls, and VPN tunnel options.


  • 2x2 MIMO broadband mesh based on the 802.11 standards, which can be used for mesh backhaul or connectivity for wireless clients’ Gigabit fiber backhaul interface

  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for connecting wired clients

  • 2x2 cellular antennas provide cellular service through a selection of technologies (2G/3G/4G/private LTE) across a large selection of bands globally

  • Serial interfaces provide connectivity to legacy devices already deployed in the field

  • Optimized DC power supply and efficient power consumption ensure reliable operation for long life-cycle deployments

  • Edge-compute-ready

  • Remote firmware updates with ability to store two images on the router

  • IIoT methodology with over-the-air (OTA) updates simplifies remote management, supporting automatic updates and rollbacks with minimal disruption 

  • Hitachi Energy SuprOS is a purpose-built comprehensive communication network management system, enabling centralized supervision and management of all wireless communication products, as well as RTU500 series

  • Optimized network performance during planning, deployment, and ongoing management of the network

  • Industry-certified

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