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Cooling systems for industry applications

Custom designed solutions with guaranteed operational performance

These are complete pure-water cooling systems for various industrial applications with cooling capacity from 2 kW up to several megawatts. These solutions are for a wide range of industrial, infrastructure and research projects.  Hitachi Energy also offers full after sales service  for optimized productivity.

We also develop customer specific systems: one-piece, multi-piece or series solutions.


  • Metallurgic process cooling
  • Drives, rectifiers & converters cooling 
  • Research/medical application cooling
  • Non-electrical environment cooling
  • Data center cooling

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • All units are completely routine tested before delivery which ensures function and minimizes installation time 
  • Skid mounted and built-in container solutions
  • Built-in redundancy for maximum availability

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Application areas

Application Area Description
Converter Cooling Systems Areas such as mining, railway systems and offshore constructions.
Generator Cooling Systems Generator cooling including nuclear power plants. We ensure adequate competence for established nuclear standards
Marine & Offshore Cooling Systems On ships or near salt water the cooling systems must manage high vibrations and aggressive surroundings. We ensure the competence for NORSOK and DNV standards which are often used in these environments. Typical marine applications are azipod propulsion and other diesel-electrical systems
Oil & Gas Cooling Systems Areas such as drives to LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) compressors, drill equipment and mud pumps for jack up rigs that puts demands on the cooling system for example ATEX and high IP classes.
Rectifier Cooling Systems Large consumers of direct current, such as aluminium and chemical processing industries, use high power rectifiers with water cooling.
Research/Medical Applications Cooling Systems Electromagnets in acceleration rings and cyclotrons for research or medical use are often cooled using water with low conductivity.
SVC Cooling Systems Cooling Systems for static var compensators. Layouts are often complex and short lead times are important, hence our experience and modular concept is of great value.
Data Centers and Other Cooling Systems We are continuously looking into new possibilities in cooperation with our customers.

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