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Energy Connect Industrial IoT Platform

Energy Connect is an industrial grade IoT data acquisition and ingestion platform that enables Hitachi Energy's digitalization solutions portfolio.

Unlike general purpose IoT platforms, it has been designed specifically for energy industry applications where it is critical to collect and aggregate data from edge locations, and move it to the cloud securely, reliably and cost-effectively.

Reliable data is the foundation for better and faster decision-making. Lack of reliable or up-to-date information can lead to delays in responding to important events, potentially causing unplanned outages or catastrophic failures.

Collecting real-time data from assets such as transformers, switchgear, battery energy storage solutions and EV chargers equips your organization with the ability to make effective and informed decisions about those assets. Up-to-date information provides visibility into the condition of assets and enables more advanced applications like asset performance management.

With Hitachi Energy's software and digitally-enabled services portfolio, insights into asset performance over time ensures optimal operation and return of investments made.

The Energy Connect platform consists of two major components: Edge and Core.

Energy Connect Edge

The Edge is a carrier for IoT service in a form of a dedicated hardware device or a software package. It is deployed on Hitachi Energy equipment on-site, directly connected to assets monitored with sensors. Edge is managed securely from Energy Connect Core side over the Internet, using Wi-Fi or built-in cellular connectivity.

Using an open and extendible software architecture, the Energy Connect Edge interfaces with sensors or monitoring devices using industrial protocols, such as IEC 61850 or Modbus TCP.

Collected telemetry measurements are enriched with local data context, converted into a common data model and securely transmitted to the Energy Connect Core.

Energy Connect Core

The Energy Connect Core is a virtual solution for data acquisition, analysis and storage, deployed on Hitachi Energy cloud infrastructure. It serves as an aggregation point for all datapoints collected from digitally enabled assets via edge devices, secure long term repository and facilitates secure data access for Hitachi Energy digitalization solutions.

Designed with data security and confidentiality as a priority, Energy Connect Core ensures data ownership and custody from a collection at source to destination in cloud repository.

Collected information is being used by Hitachi Energy digitally-enabled services portfolio to generate insights and create value for our Customers.

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If you'd like to understand more about how our Energy Connect Industrial IoT Platform could help your operations, please contact us.