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Portfolio Optimization

Unit commitment and economic dispatch optimization for energy markets

Fulfilling energy needs in the best way possible is your objective. Yet this sector is characterized by ever-evolving energy developments, risks, demands, costs, regulations, and increasing complexity. Our Portfolio Optimization module improves decision-making around commitments and dispatch based on your key performance indicators.

Portfolio Optimization improves a portfolio’s performance by modeling detailed unit operating constraints and market conditions. Produce optimal operating schedules for your entire portfolio of generation assets and manage transactions with our solution offering:

Improved Efficiency. Comprehensive modeling and optimization capabilities enable you to schedule resources, meet a wide range of operating and business constraints, minimize operating costs, and maximize profitability.

Real-time Insights. Easily access real-time operational data to minimize the gap between planned and actual operations.

Informed Decision Making. Robust guidance regarding when to schedule outages and maintenance so you can make better, faster, and more accurate decisions and focus on what’s important.

Streamlined View. Optimize all types of generation assets (thermal units, combined-cycle, combined heat and power, pump storage hydro, cascaded hydro, and renewables) with one comprehensive solution to address global business challenges and improve operations.

Comprehensive Modeling. Easily integrate existing and new data feeds to quickly evaluate portfolio risk models and simulate deterministic and stochastic scenarios.

Enhanced Situational Awareness. Advanced analytics and visualization feeds into intuitive dashboards — including dispatch schedule, actual production value, and forecasts — to provide complete visibility across your entire operation.

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