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Velocity Suite

The energy industry’s premier analytical source for energy information.

Quality – Data proofing and normalizing done behind the scenes gives you the confidence that the information you see is the best available – in the format you need.

Timeliness – Continuous monitoring of data sources gives you quick access to the latest information.

Flexibility – We put the power of analysis into your hands with a flexible query tool. This gives you the ability to slice and aggregate data to answer specific question.

Modularity – Select the capabilities for your initial needs and easily add modules as your organizational needs grows. View the brochure for a list of modules.

Scope & Depth – The energy industry’s most comprehensive, up-to-date database. For a sample of primary data sources by module, view the product brochure.

Accessibility – We manage all data sources into a common entity backbone, making it easier to access the data you need and generate new insights.

Analytical source for energy information


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LMP Post-Event Analytics for MISO - High-level pricing statistical analysis (Part 1)

LMP Post-Event Analytics for MISO - Deep dive price spike walk-through (Part 2)

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