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Centralized counterparty & credit management

Utility and energy companies manage intricate counterparty and credit exposure risks. Disparate counterparty, contract and credit information, and exposure data only adds to the challenge. CreditTracker lets you monitor and manage credit risks at a lower cost of ownership and manage credit related data from diverse IT environments in a seamless manner.

CreditTracker’s single aggregated view of counterparty and credit exposure offers:

Actionable Insights. Data analysis of advanced risk metrics and configurable alerts help you manage and discern real exposure while seeking trade opportunities with counterparties.

Centralization. Aggregated dashboard view helps reduce operational risk in managing counterparties, contracts, and credit risk.

Cost Savings. Collect data from diverse IT environments to monitor and manage credit risks at a lower cost of ownership



  • Manage Counterparties
  • Manage Contracts
  • Manage Credit Information
  • Interface with multiple systems for counterparty and contract data
  • Incident Management

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