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Live Tank Circuit Breaker HPL B up to 1100 kV

Maximum capability and highest performance

This robust breaker delivers reliably in the most extreme conditions. With the highest ratings in the industry, the breaker is most suitable for applications requiring high short-circuit currents and for HVDC. HPL B can handle 63 kA without the need for grading capacitors and 80 kA with only two breaking elements. 
The mechanically robust design gives the HPL B the ability to withstand high seismic forces, which makes it ideal for earthquake-prone areas. It is also a suitable solution for harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures and high altitudes. 
The product has a proven lifetime exceeding 30 years and meets M2 mechanical class for 10,000 operations. HPL B is designed and type tested in accordance with international standards IEC and ANSI is also tested to national standards such as GOST, DL, DIN.  
HPL B is available up to 1100 kV as a circuit breaker and up to 550 kV as a disconnecting circuit breaker, where the disconnecting circuit is integrated into the breaker.


  • High altitude applications

  • High seismic requirement applications

  • Line, transformer, reactor and capacitor switching

  • Switching of harmonic filters 

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Compact design and easy installation 

  • High mechanical and electrical endurance 

  • Low failure rate 

  • High seismic capability   

  • Proven performance in both high and low temperatures 

  • Low environmental impact 

  • Meets a large variety of challenging requirements 

  • Available with polymeric insulators for high reliability and availability   

  • Global service organization, local everywhere 

Brief performance data

LTB Type   HPL 170-300B1 HPL 420-550B2 HPL 800-1100B4
Rated voltage kV 170-300 420-550 800-1100
Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated continuous current A 5000*
Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 80

* Standard values as per IEC. Additional data on request.

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