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Gas-insulated switchgear single-phase encapsulated ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications

BLF/PASS is the fully-encapsulated evolution of the innovative modular switchgear PASS. BLF/PASS keeps the same flexibility of the PASS and can be used in any of the typical solution for GIS substations. The product is manufactured and tested according to IEC 62271-203 standard.

Main features

  • Single-phase encapsulated technology
  • Single pressure, self-blast interrupter that can be arranged either vertically or horizontally 
  • Circuit breaker single-pole or three-pole operated by a spring-type drive
  • Combined disconnector and earthing switch 
  • Current transformer cast resin insulated 
  • SF6 insulated voltage transformer, cable ongoing, surge arrester and fast earthing switch available on request.

Why Hitachi Energy?

The distinctive feature of BLF/PASS is the full single-phase encapsulated technology: 

  • Each pole is fitted in a dedicated aluminum alloy enclosure 
  • Flexibility for the substation design is maximized by the modularity and availability of components 
  • Mechanical transmission inside gas enclosures is reduced to the minimum thus reliability is maximized together with reduced maintenance. 

For all these features, single-pole encapsulated is the only architecture used for the highest voltage levels

Brief performance data

Rated voltage [kV]




Rated frequency [Hz]


Rated current [A]

2000 - 2500 - 3150

Breaking current [kA]

31.5 - 40

Rated lightning impulse [kVp]




Permissible ambient temperature (°C)

-30 / +40

Type of enclosure for devices

Single-phase encapsulated

Type of enclosure for bus bars

Single-phase encapsulated

Arrangement for circuit breaker

Vertical - Horizontal

Ambient temperature range [°C]

-30 … +40

Installation type

Indoor - Outdoor

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