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Composite station post insulators (245 - 800kV)

Composite station post insulators can directly replace porcelain insulators. Composite insulators with silicone rubber insulation possess unique properties and are installed all over the world. 

Hitachi Energy offers a wide range of insulators, and together with our flexible production method, we can deliver composite insulators that will meet your requirements.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • More than 45 years of experience in manufacturing composite insulators
  • Explosion-proof for maximum safety
  • Non-brittle material with reduced risk of damage during handling
  • Leakage current control through hydrophobicity
  • Excellent insulation for reduced creepage
  • Flashover resistance
  • Outstanding seismic performance for safety and reliability
  • Low weight for cost savings
  • Maintenance-free and outstanding pollution performance
  • UV stability
  • For high-voltage applications and substations

Product scope:

  • Main applications: reactors, disconnectors and busbar supports
  • Range: from 45 to 550 kV AC, 800 kV DC
  • One-piece design up to 15 meters in length
  • HTV material
  • Optimized shed profile
  • Qualification and verification exceed standard requirements
  • Low pressure gas filled
  • No monitoring

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