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REC670 - Bay control

For optimized control and reliable operation of your switchyard, the REC670 is your best choice for transmission applications.

REC670 IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device) provide control solutions for any type of switchgear and different switchgear configurations. The customized REC670 gives you the freedom to select the functionality entirely according to your needs. The pre-configured REC670 variants simplify handling since the basic functionality is included and pre-configured. If needed, you can add optional functions to easily increase the functionality of the REC670 IEDs to meet the specific requirements of your switchyard.

REC670 integrates advanced voltage control for transformers in a substation in a single IED. The IEDs feature a large HMI for local control and instant access to important data, such as settings, events and disturbance information.

The outstanding I/O capability in REC670 enables control of several bays with complete measurement with only one IED. For instance, one REC670 IED is capable of handling control of all apparatuses in one entire diameter in 1 ½ breaker arrangement including breaker failure protection for all breakers.

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