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REG650 - Generation protection

A new protection standard for your valuable assets

REG650 – your best choice for small and medium-sized generators

Based on Hitachi Energy's extensive experience, REG650 IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device) take generator protection to a new performance level that ensures unrivaled selectivity and sensitivity. REG650 provides protection and monitoring for generators, prime movers and step-up transformers in hydro, pump-storage, gas, diesel, combined cycle, steam, nuclear, cogeneration and renewable power stations. With excellent performance, flexibility and scalability they fulfill the demanding requirements of both new and retrofit installations – in every corner of the world.

A generator protection system with REG650 meets the requirements for maximum dependability and availability. The internal/external fault discriminator is based on negative sequence quantities, enabling a fast and selective decision to operate. The unique main protection functions are able to selectively detect and clear all fault types over 100% of the stator winding. The stator earth-fault protection includes the evaluation of the fundamental and 3rd harmonic frequencies. The detection criteria can be used to create intelligent, application-specific functions to enhance your protection system to meet very specific requirements, for instance, when the operating conditions of the plant change.

REG650 offers optimum ‘off-the-shelf’, ready-made solutions including all the required functionality for protecting small and medium-sized generators. With its 20 analog inputs, REG650 is one of the most compact generator protection devices on the market. This allows, for instance, the integration of overcurrent protection for excitation or auxiliary transformer, in addition to generator protection. The 3rd harmonic-based 100% stator earth-fault protection utilizes the differential principle, which provides high sensitivity and security. This ensures correct operation even during low load conditions.

The type-tested variants of REG650 IEDs are delivered equipped and configured with complete functionality and with default parameters for easy handling of products – from ordering, engineering and commissioning to reliable operation. Depending on the selected variant, either low impedance generator differential protection or three winding transformer differential protection is included. Other generator protection functions are always included.

The 650 series IEDs introduce a number of innovations, such as a significantly reduced number of parameter settings and extended IED HMI functionality including 15 dynamic three-color indication LEDs per page, on up to three pages, and five configurable push-button shortcuts for different actions. In the 650 series IEDs, the most basic parameters are set before delivery from the factory. You only need to set the parameters specific to your application.

Versatile communication capabilities

REG650 IEDs allow you to use several communication protocols in parallel to communicate with the plant control system, monitoring system, or relay protection engineering office. They are designed for IEC 61850, implementing all aspects of this standard and thus ensuring open, future-proof, and flexible system architectures, with state-of-the-art performance. These capabilities also provide new opportunities for utilizing signaling and tripping schemes in generator protection. Additionally, they enable the transfer of binary and analog data to any subscriber.

Relion – Complete confidence

Generator protection REG670 and REG650 IEDs are members of the Relion protection and control product family. The Relion product family offers the widest range of products for the protection, control, measurement, and supervision of power systems. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, the Relion products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard. With Hitachi Energy's leading-edge technology, global application knowledge, and experienced support network, you can be completely confident that your system performs reliably – in any situation. 

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