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Grid-eMotion® Service

Global expertise for your journey into e-mobility

Services for Grid-eMotion® charging solutions

Managing a charging infrastructure can be challenging. You may need more in-house electrical competence, have concerns with lifecycle costs, or fear unplanned outages. Hitachi Energy’s services for Grid-eMotion® charging solutions can help you with these challenges providing you access to a wide range of services for your installation and your specific needs. Our services address charger availability and unplanned outages and mitigate failures by identifying problems early and optimizing maintenance spending. 
As a global leader in the power grids business with an ecosystem of partners, Hitachi Energy has a unique capability to respond to local maintenance or repair issues related to Grid-eMotion® Charging Solutions. Our Service Engineers are highly skilled, having attained the highest levels of electrical expertise in LV, HV, Control Systems, and IT to support Grid-eMotion® Charging Solutions. In addition to the local team, the Global team of experts for Grid-eMotion® Services is dedicated to supporting installations worldwide with our advanced service offering.

Hitachi Energy’s portfolio provides you access to a wide range of services for your installation and your specific needs.


Fast and flexible service to maximize equipment availability.


Enhanced reliability and access to high-quality services and expertise.


Knowledge and expertise to optimize and extend equipment life.

Our offering

Hitachi Energy’s pioneering design and deep electrical expertise provide reliable fleet charging solutions and services that grow with you. We are your single, strategic partner that orchestrates your EV journey, offering integrated solutions across the EV value chain.

Technical Remote Support

Remote Support services provide customers with a 24/7 hotline to report issues related to the charging infrastructure. Once the problem is reported, a skilled Hitachi Energy engineer will follow up with the customer within an agreed timeframe to initiate troubleshooting. Services can include error diagnostics, charger reset, and OEM support. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR, as a complement to traditional Remote Support, enables more efficient troubleshooting with AR annotations and issue documentation during a live video call. The instant feedback and increased information content provided by AR can reduce the need for dispatching a technician to site and improve overall efficiency for resolution of issues.

On-Site Support

On-Site Support offers the assurance that skilled Hitachi Energy engineers or Hitachi Energy partners are available to provide on-site assistance in the case of a problem. Service Engineers will reach your infrastructure within an agreed timeframe for further troubleshooting or to implement resolution or mitigation actions to the issue you are experiencing.

Preventive Maintenance

Hitachi Energy provides preventive maintenance services as part of a service agreement. Hitachi Energy engineers or Hitachi Energy partners will reach your site and perform the needed maintenance activities in accordance with your budget and time constraints and with the preventive maintenance plan of your equipment. 


Hitachi Energy offers basic training to allow the customer’s technicians to properly operate the equipment and carry out essential diagnostic and troubleshooting activities. Trainings include theory and practice lessons. More advanced training is also available upon request. 

Spare Parts

Spare parts are an essential part of the Rapid Response Services. Hitachi Energy will be your single channel to identify and supply the parts needed for your system allowing to perform timely and effective corrective maintenance, and hence reduce the overall downtime of your equipment. 


Grid-eMotion® Fleet charging more with less

Grid-eMotion Fleet is a full ‘grid-to-plug’ solution for large-scale public transport and commercial fleets, enabling operators to charge more with less.

Grid-eMotion® - Hitachi Energy to accelerate Germany’s sustainable mobility

Grid-eMotion Fleet smart charging solution is here to help the City of Berlin reach its goal of a zero-emission bus fleet by 2030. Hitachi Energy supports Berlin in its transition to fully electric, emission-free, and quiet transportation, improving the quality of life for millions of people.

Grid-eMotion® Flash for sustainable mobility in Nantes

The city of Nantes advances sustainable mobility with Hitachi Energy’s Grid-eMotion Flash. This technology allows fast-charging for electric buses both in route and at the depot, meeting high frequency and high capacity requirements and offering smoother rides, no time loss at the bus stops, and smaller batteries onboard.

Grid-eMotion® Flash – ultra-fast charging technology at work


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