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Power distribution

Distribution transformers are the last step in the transmission and distribution network which supply electricity to all our homes and businesses.

The function of the distribution transformer is to step down the voltage from medium voltage level (MV) to a safe low voltage level (LV) suitable for use in domestic and industrial applications.

Typically such transformers are categorized as liquid filled transformers or dry type transformers. They vary in size and complexity ranging from relatively small single phase transformers which are mounted on poles in rural locations up to larger three phase transformers which can have many additional complex features, such as forced cooling capability for enhanced power rating, or seismic withstand requirements etc...

The applications for distribution transformers are many and varied, ranging from traditional utility distribution installations to transformers for railway electrification requirements, step-up transformers for renewable applications such as wind and solar and many more.

Hitachi Energy has a worldwide footprint of distribution transformer manufacturing facilities, which gives us an unparalleled global coverage and knowledge of local specifications and regulations, making Hitachi Energy the ideal partner, whether the requirements are local or global.

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