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Power generation

Generator step-up (GSU) transformers are a critical link between the power generation plant and the transmission network.

GSUs often operate at full capacity, full capacity 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. They must be built to withstand extreme thermal loading without experiencing any signs of aging or stress.

Hitachi Energy does not compromise on quality and our many years of experience in engineering, developing and manufacturing of power transformers for both AC and DC voltages, onshore and offshore applications. It is this focus and commitment that has made Hitachi Energy the undisputed world leader in the power transformer industry.

A Hitachi Energy power transformer is a technology investment that needs to be secured for decades. The reliability and efficiency of the power transformer has a major impact on the cost of transmission over a long period of time. Ultimately, it affects the quality of life for the people who depend on a continuous power supply, which makes Hitachi Energy high quality power transformers a safe investment, ensuring our clients benefit from profitable and long term relations with their customers.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Hitachi Energy is the world's largest power transformer manufacturer with 1000+ units delivered annually from 13 factories worldwide
  • Hitachi Energy quality and reliability is verified by testing to be the highest in the market
  • Reducing life cycle cost and energy consumption - generation after generation
  • Hitachi Energy - your long term trusted partner

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