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Series reactors

Current limiting reactors, also known as series reactors, are mostly used to increase the impedance at the right place in order to limit the short circuit currents and/or controlling load balance between parallel lines.

Hitachi Energy’s series reactors are usually the magnetically shielded air core design, the electromagnetic coil is connected in series in the electric circuit. Series reactors may also be equipped with an on-load tap-changer (OLTC).


Product scope

  • Liquid-immersed regulated and non-regulated series reactors of up to 245 kV
  • Current limiting or series reactors can be categorized by their use:
    • Short-circuit current limiting reactors
    • Electric Arc Furnace series reactors


Why Hitachi Energy is the preferred partner?

  • Robust design and production excellence ensure exceptional and proven field reliability
  • Optimized design fully in line with substation system design
  • Hitachi Energy utilizes a focus factory concept, which leads to a great experience in specific products, giving a very high level of consistency in design, manufacture, and text
  • All Hitachi Energy factories utilize the common design platform, giving us best-in-class experience, consistency, and repeatability
  • Hitachi Energy utilizes best-in-class manufacturing and quality processes to ensure that our reactors will meet the most stringent requirements


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