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DC arc furnace transformers

The DC arc furnace transformers are mainly used for steel production. Transformers for DC furnace operation normally come in a transformer and rectifier package. The full package can be manufactured and supplied by Hitachi Energy.

For almost 130 years, Hitachi Energy has been a key player in the DC furnace world and has supplied many customers with complete furnace packages. Although DC arc furnace transformers are often used for melting scrap metal, the ability to control the process offers benefits to customers with weak power supplies and those working in the wider metallurgical industry. Production of ferroalloys is also an important application; the major alloys are ferrosilicon, silicon metal, and ferromanganese. Other significant alloys are ferronickel and ferrochrome. Transformers used in the steel melting and metallurgical industry are characterized by the extreme load cycle and high secondary current (up to 160 kA electrode current); they allow a wide secondary voltage range achieved via a tap changer working together with thyristor type rectifiers and large smoothing chokes.


Product scope

  • For applications in excess of 1,200 V (>100 kA)
  • Installed base of over 4,000 MVA

Why Hitachi Energy

  • All knowledge under one roof
  • Proven track record of more than 600 units built in the last 20 years
  • The first DC arc furnace transformer was designed in 1885
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