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Effilight® traction transformer

Hitachi Energy’s Effilight® traction transformer is a next-generation traction transformer that reduces the weight of onboard components and ensures more energy-efficient rail networks, two of the rail industry’s priority objectives.

Traditionally made of iron and copper, traction transformers are among the heavier components on a train. They use oil for insulation and cooling, for its excellent electrical insulating properties and high reliability.

Effilight® uses a unique and patented high-technology cell design that reduces the amount of oil needed by up to 70 percent without compromising functionality. The technology enables unprecedented weight reduction (up to 20 percent)  and energy savings (up to 50 percent) for train manufacturers and rail operators.

Product scope:

  • Suitable for roof, machine room, and under-frame installation
  • Available for 15 kV and 25 kV
  • Available in steel or aluminum tank
  • Appropriate for retrofit and new train platform
  • Air natural cooling enabler (ODAN)
  • Modular concept
Effilight® traction transformer

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Natural Cooling Effilight® Traction Transformer (NCETT)

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