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Transformer solutions - highlights

April - June 2021

We believe in collaboration for advancing technology and adding value for our customers and society. See below highlights of our latest innovations.

Transformers for floating applications

80% of offshore wind potential is found in waters deeper than 60 meters, beyond the reach of traditional bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines and substations. Our newly launched portfolio of transformers for floating applications will enable the next generation of floating wind turbines and substation platforms, opening up this huge market for development, as part of a sustainable energy future.

Transformers for floating offshore applications

Floating offshore wind farms have the potential to revolutionize the renewables industry, but the ocean is a demanding environment when you are at the mercy of 15-meter waves.

Webinar - Available on demand

Enabling Floating Offshore Renewables: Transformers for floating wind turbines and substations.

Path-breaking traction transformers

In line with our continued global leadership in traction transformers for more than 100 years, we have introduced two new traction transformers that address customer challenges like space and weight limitations, maintenance, and energy efficiency. These transformers help customers reduce overall costs while improving efficiency and reliability. Read more about these path-breaking traction transformers in this featured article.

Natural Cooling Effilight® Traction Transformer

Our newest traction transformer that is designed to utilize the natural airflow caused by trains motion and replace motorized fans in the cooling system. This unique design helps Natural Cooling Effilight® Traction Transformer to eliminate the risk of failures in cooling system and improve reliability by 20%. Moreover, it eliminates the energy cost and maintenance of motorized air-fans in the cooling system.

RESIBLOC® Rail 25 kV

Our RESIBLOC® Rail traction transformers brought the unmatched reliability, safety, and unsurpassed mechanical strength of RESIBLOC® transformers to the world of rail traction in 2012. We are now bringing the benefits of RESIBLOC® Rail at a higher voltage of 25kV to further enable sustainable mobility with the world’s foremost dry-type traction transformer.

Webinar - Available on demand

The first-ever flagship event for the on-board rail traction transformer industry was organized virtually on May 6, 2021. This event brought together diverse customers and professionals from over 50 countries and more than 200 organizations. The half-day event was highly focused to address topics of interest for the audience with a keynote on industry trends and 3 technical knowledge sessions.

Attendees of the Traction Transformer World also witnessed the product launch of our new traction transformers - RESIBLOC® Rail 25 kV and Natural Cooling Effilight® Traction Transformer. The event is available to view on-demand.

Eco-friendly composite utility poles

Hitachi Energy recently introduced power line poles designed for environmentally sensitive areas. They are made of composite material consisting of fiberglass and epoxy with an outer casing of thermoplastic, which does not contain any harmful substances that can leak into the environment.

Remote services for transformers

Webinar – TransformersTalk: Remote Services on July 29, 2021

We are now enhancing our portfolio of TXpert™ Services to include Remote Services, which can be deployed to support continued safe and reliable operation of transformers.

Please join our webinar on July 29, 2021. 

Transformer Magazine features

Innovative solutions for rolling stock traction transformers

Hitachi Energy has more than 30,000 traction transformers currently in operation across the world in more than half of the world’s trains, pioneering this technology for over 100 years.

Transformers applications for industry

Transformers are crucial in the power supply of the industrial sector that will answer to the new environments and trends set by Industry 4.0.