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Your complete life-cycle partner: Build

Complete life cycle partner: Build

Projects big or small come with risks. Companies are relying more than ever on partners to help them build their projects with the least amount of risk and as efficiently as possible. Hitachi Energy brings together IT and OT to enable efficient, flexible and resilient operations across the energy value chain.  From digital project management to self deployable solutions, our solutions are helping to meet the growing demand for electricity while also helping our customer maximize the value as much as possible..

World’s first transmission line under the Yangtze river

Hitachi Energy partnered with State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) to build the first of its kind 1,000-kilovolt (kV) gas-insulated lines (GIL) laid in the Sutong tunnel to transmit clean energy from West to East China. The engineering challenge involved laying the lines under the estuary of the Yangtze River, spanning a section of water which is 5.4 kilometers wide and 75 meters deep. The Sutong project is the first in the world that adopts UHV GIL technology in a transmission tunnel.


Highly connected experts

Digital project management

In addition to high-quality, integrated, pre-engineered, pretested plug and play solutions, Hitachi Energy uses the latest digital technologies to de-risk and deliver on time and on budget projects, through full visibility across the entire project throughout the build phase.  

Remote commissioning

Remote commissioning facilitates a speedy delivery by connecting all stakeholders across time zones to remotely test and validate the proper functionality of assets during the build phase. In addition, it increases the safety by removing people from testing on site.


Across 90+ countries


Offering 200+ years of combined knowledge

Training and development

During the build phase, we ensure proper knowledge transfer to our customers to be capable of properly operating and maintaining the assets throughout their lifetime. Innovative digital technologies allow for remote access to virtual trainings – improving the reach of training across the organization and faster ramp up.

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