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FOX515 Utility multiservice platform

Product not available anymore.

The product you are looking for is not available anymore.

Replacement/successor is the stable and reliable FOX615 product family

For more information about the FOX515 product lifecycle (support, repairs). You can download the product-withdrawal letter. The dates given apply to all customers, which do not have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Hitachi Energy, containing different milestones.

FOX515 Utility multiservice platform

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  • Optical transmission on 8 Mbit/s, 155 Mbit/s (STM-1) and 622 Mbit/s (STM-4). All optical SDH ports (STM-1, STM-4) are using SFP components to adapt to different fiber distances.
  • Collecting all type of voice and data signals from 0.6 kbit/s up N x 64 kbit/s and 2 Mbit/s (E1).
  • High capacity IP/ Ethernet traffic over SDH, supporting GFP, VCAT and LCAS.
  • The PDH part contains a non-blocking cross-connection matrix of 128 x 2 Mbit/s with a granularity of 64 kbit/s.
  • On SDH a capacity of 16 x 16 VC-4 (higher order cross connect) and 693 x 693 VC-12 (lower order cross connect) can be handled.
  • The distributed cross-connect is part of a sophisticated redundancy concept that provides high reliability (no single point of failure).
  • Technical specifications of FOX515 are verified by type-testing procedure witnessed by independent test institutes.
  • The network management FOXMAN is connected through multiple routing (using the TCP/ IP OSPF-protocol) to all FOX515 nodes.
  • FOX515 supports remote Configuration- and System-Software-Download.
  • A signal generator / analyzer in each platform allows remote analysis of network connections and is an effective means for operation and maintenance.
  • FOX515 is capable to house FOX-U modules that not only provide a wide range of interfaces but also guarantee full compatibility to FOX-U equipment.
  • For small applications the FOX512 offers the fitting solution

0.6 kbit/s up to 622 Mbit/s (STM-4) in one shelf makes FOX515 an outstanding product. 

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