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Rail and Road Communications

Hitachi Energy is helping to write the future of fast, safe and low-emission mobility.

From high-speed trains that improve intercity connections to light rail, metro systems, trams, and eBus networks that alleviate congestion, reduce emissions, and improve quality of life, the world is moving toward a new era of mobility.

These days most offices grind to a halt in the face of a failed internet connection, but this isn't comparable to the failure of the telecommunication system that underpins regular and resilient transportation operations.

The digitalization of the industry relies on a robust, reliable, and predictable communication network, which is sometimes called the third utility, water, and power is the first and second. It is also foundational to Industry 4.0. Only industrial suppliers with an intimate knowledge of the transportation industry can supply, and maintain, communications equipment capable of meeting that unique set of demands including the system life cycle requirements of a rail asset.

Hitachi Energy’s wired and wireless communications portfolio offers long-lasting support for transportation specific OT applications, while also delivering on the requirements of digital railways and urban transport networks of the future.

Deployed in the Arabian Desert and Siberia, our mission-critical communications equipment for transportation providers are also exposed to strong EMF (electromagnetic fields) coming from the electrical traction supply system. Furthermore, the environment may be dusty or located in tunnels with challenging access for preventive maintenance, therefore fans may not be desirable. In order to maintain the high levels of availability required, especially in emergency situations, mission-critical communications equipment must offer a robust and reliable design that has proven capabilities for providing accurate functionality under extreme conditions.


Urban rail transport safety, reliability, and efficiency critically rely on communication systems to face growing challenges, including dense traffic and complexity of networks, automation, and integration with other networks.

Most large and even small cities around the world are building or expanding their urban Rail (metros and suburban), as part of large-scale environment-friendly mass mobility transformation. Hitachi Energy Mission-critical communication systems is helping municipalities and cities around the globe in this environmentally responsible smart city transformation.

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