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Network Manager GMS

Generation Management System (GMS)

Generation companies doing business in today’s competitive markets need advanced applications to monitor and optimize their assets while respecting all the relevant operational and environmental constraints. GMS provides a rich set of field-proven, advanced applications for generation operations under a wide variety of market rules and operating conditions. GMS provides functionality for different types of generation resources, including Combined Cycle Plants and cascaded reservoirs and hydro plants, as well as support for renewable generation assets such as Wind Farms and Solar Plants.

GMS performs Automatic Generation Control (AGC) in full compliance with the latest reliability standards from NERC and ENTSO-E. The Utility Data Warehouse (UDW) or the PI Historian are used to store the required historical data. GMS supports Genco operations across multiple control areas, in multiple electricity markets, and in different time zones.

Key features

  • Full suite of Generation Control Applications, with support for regulated and deregulated markets:
    • Multi-area AGC across multiple market systems and time zones
    • Reserve Monitoring
    • Economic Dispatch
    • Production Cost Calculation
  • Extended capabilities to model and monitor wind farms for optimal utilization of renewables
  • Full compliance with reliability and modeling standards
  • External & Internal Interfaces
    • ISOs and RTOs in deregulated markets
    • Market Operation System (Bidding & Settlement system)
    • Production Scheduling Interfaces including Load Forecasting and Generation Resource Optimization

Key benefits

  • Immediate overview of the power generation, interchanges and reserves
  • Optimal automatic generation control across multiple areas
  • Full compliance with reliability standards from NERC and ENTSO-E
Network Manager GMS


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