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HVDC Light® Life Cycle Assessment

HVDC Light® Life Cycle Assessment

Our vision for a better and greener future

Can customers of Hitachi Energy HVDC technology know that their climate impact is lower? Yes, they can. The Life Cycle Assessment study results revealed that over the past decade, HVDC Light® has reduced conversion losses by nearly two-thirds and further reduced the environmental impact cutting down on materials used in our station construction. HVDC Light® convertor stations are now smaller per MW.

We are leading the market in environmental performance for our HVDC stations

What is Life cycle assessment (LCA)?

The life cycle assessment (LCA) shows the environmental impact of a product over its whole lifetime, from extracting raw materials
through operation to end of life. It is a method to quantify the environmental impact e.g. in tones CO2 equivalents of a product or a
system and it is done according to ISO standards (ISO 14040, 14044).

Why Life cycle assessment?

To ensure that the evolution in technology is indeed smarter and cleaner, and that customers are engaging with
climate-​conscious suppliers, life cycle assessment is crucial.

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LCA introduction

What is an LCA, how it is done and why it is relevant?

The Life Cycle Assessment

How small carbon footprint are we talking about?

Reducing climate impact with HVDC Light®

Our motto is to run the world without consuming the Earth.

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