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AC bushings pad-mounted HV bushing wells

Hitachi Energy offers both high-voltage and low-voltage bushings designed for use in pad or surface-mounted transformers. The bushings insulate the current-carrying conductor from the tank, allowing for the airside conductor and transformer lead termination. Both the high and low-voltage bushings conform to ANSI/IEEE standards.​

High-voltage bushing wells are distribution class bushing wells rated through 34.5 kV system voltage and 150 kV BIL line-to-ground and 200 amperes. They are molded from a glass-reinforced, high-temperature nylon resin. They are designed to mate with all bushing inserts conforming to the appropriate sections of IEEE 386-2006. In addition to the fixed stud bushing well, Hitachi Energy offers a removable stud version. ​

Product scope:

  • System voltage: through 34.5 kV
  • Current ratings: 200 A
  • Technology: non-condenser