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Customer co-creation

Collaborative sustainability journey

Every customer has different needs, and the choices when it comes to maximizing eco-efficiency can be overwhelming. Even when the choices are clear, quantifying the benefits for stakeholders is no simple task. By working together and co-creating the solution that best fits our customer’s needs, we aim to remove all the barriers to achieving sustainability.


Finding together the best balance between raw material and efficiency, considering:​​

  • Electricity generation mix – e.g., fossil fuels, renewables​

  • Application – e.g., transmission & distribution, industrial, transportation​

  • Surrounding ecosystem – e.g., near water, protected locations, cities, or residential​

We have been manufacturing transformers for over 130 years and have delivered to customers all around the globe. Leading transformer technologies and a scientific approach based on Life Cycle Analysis to ensure the best decisions towards the total cost of ownership and your Sustainability Goals.​

EconiQ transformer balance
 EconiQ™ Transformers

EconiQ™ Transformers

Co-creating for a sustainable energy future

Safeguarding surrounding ecosystems

Minimizing local impact
Transformer health in the real world

Enhanced safety for people

Safety is our priority

Responsible use of resources

Doing the most with what we have

Life Cycle Analysis

We are with you from start to finish

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Hitachi Energy Power Transformers


Hitachi Energy offers distribution and power transformers, Dry-type and EconiQ™ Transformers as well as services, for industrial and commercial applications.