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The journey to carbon-neutral


Even small electrical losses in transformers add up over the lifetime, resulting in significant carbon emissions and wasted power that could be saved by transformers with enhanced energy efficiency.​


Plus, transformers contain large volumes of material, which, through intelligent designs and use of material, can be made more sustainable.

Reduction of carbon emissions

Significant quantities of power can be saved by increasing efficiency in transformers, and this saved power results in lower carbon emissions.​

The carbon emissions saved depend on the transformer’s loading profile and electricity mix. EconiQ transformers could result in a 23% reduction of CO2 eq emission over the product life cycle*.

Even in regions with low-carbon power generation – solar, wind, and hydro – there is still the benefit that more power reaches the end user, making better use of these sustainable systems.​

Additionally, all EconiQ transformers reduce carbon emissions from the materials and manufacturing processes. For example, up to 35% reduction of CO2 emissions from materials usage* is achieved (including carbon offsets from natural esters).

United for Energy (U4E) – UN environment program​

We have partnered with the United Nations to provide our leading expertise on distribution transformers for their U4E global initiative, which aims to reduce transformer losses globally.​

The initiative’s ambitious goals estimate that 50 million tons of CO2 could be saved annually.

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