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Preventing and detecting

Hitachi Energy works with a risk-based focus and maintains additional controls for increased risk exposure

Anti-bribery reviews

Anti-bribery reviews of business units globally are conducted frequently throughout the year by the internal audit department. This is a review of business processes, accounts and balances, and test transactions to assess robustness of controls and identify possible violations.

Anti-fraud program

The anti-fraud program is monitored by the internal audit department, which regularly evaluates fraud risk exposure and developing trends. This program is a substantive cross-functional analysis of 21 program elements and response plan to prevent and detect potential fraud.

Internal surveys

Internal surveys are conducted to understand employee attitudes, awareness and perceptions of integrity and compliance at Hitachi Energy, and to monitor progress and address potential gaps in the culture of integrity.

High-risk area process

Enhanced integrity and compliance processes have been developed to address certain areas with greater compliance risk. Additional due diligence reviews and controls are implemented for identified risk areas.