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Features Jakarta, Indonesia 20-10-2020

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Zelayna Claudia, Grid Edge Solution's Sales Specialist and Indonesia's Miss Earth 2nd runner up, shares her insights on working in the energy sector

Hitachi ABB Power Grids Indonesia Inspiring Women in Energy

I’m grateful that I joined ABB Power Grids Indonesia in 2018. As a sales specialist, Grid Edge Solution (GES) within Grid Automation Business Unit Indonesia, my responsibility is to build a robust sales pipeline by identifying and developing targeted market; driving sales volume and margins across the Grid Edge Solutions portfolio; and defining sales planning with the engineering and the bidding team to ensure both financial and technical accuracy are achieved.  

Currently, I am working with the GES team on two projects in Indonesia, including: the Bontang’s mining microgrid and the island microgrid in Nusa Tenggara Timur. For me, working on these projects are very rewarding because there are lessons learned throughout the process: Asides from helping in providing energy access to remote communities, these projects also aligned with the Indonesian government’s renewable target as well as the global energy mix target as the world currently shifted towards a clean and sustainable generation. 

Renewable energy has always been my core of interest since my freshman year of college. My interest in environmental awareness had made me applied for several engagements and learning throughout my college year, including; being in the 2nd Runner up of Indonesia Miss Earth 2012, a good platform for me to promote and engage in environmental causes into a wider audience; being selected as one of the participants in the Utrecht University’s Innovation for Sustainable Future Summer Program in Netherland, where I had the opportunity to learn a wide variety of renewable energy sources in Europe and around the world.

Working in this energy sector where I started my career with ABB Power Grids, I get the opportunity to work with fantastic people and develop myself on projects that present greater technical challenges and have a real impact in providing sustainable, safe and reliable energy.

I feel so fortunate to have a mentor like Predrag Grupkovich who has never been hesitant to give me plenty of insights and valuable experiences. As one of the toughest yet fair and brilliant mentor, he has given me challenges and has stretched my knowledge and skills in completing a project to analyze it in an overall perspective, not only sales, but also supply chain, financial process and legal point of view. 

Another mentor is my colleague Reza Alhuda. He gave me an opportunity to learn the technical aspects of the job by mentoring me the complete scheme of renewable energy applications and plenty of insights on the current business practice within the organization. 

Having worked for more than 2 years now, I believe the energy sector provides an equal opportunity for both women and men in general. The role of women in this field is very crucial in giving a different perspective to the table which can spark both creativity and innovation to the team, supported by women’s intuition, sensitivity and emotional intelligence.

Working for Hitachi ABB Power Grids has been rewarding and fulfilling. The company has a strong commitment to powering good for sustainable energy.  I believe we will continue to make a meaningful impact to our customers, community and the greater public for a stronger, smarter and greener grids.


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