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Meet Our People Dubai, United Arab Emirates 10-06-2020

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“I am proud to be Power Grids because ‘we keep the lights ON.’ This really is a powerful statement and my constant motivation to work for an organization that is a pioneering technology leader.

From powering one of the world’s busiest International Airports in Dubai all the way to powering our homes, Power Grids has left its mark in public and personal spaces thereby shaping the future of sustainable energy. This inspires me every single day!

I am an intern in the legal team and what makes our team culture special in Power Grids is the warmth, diversity and inclusivity. My mentor Dominik Engel, provides guidance, expertise and empowerment which drives creativity. More importantly, during the Covid-19 situation, we came together as a team to mitigate the crisis and its challenges. As perfectly highlighted by our CMD for Power Grids in the UAE, Dr. Mostafa AlGuezeri: Stay Together, Stronger and Positive.

With progress we have made in technology, decarbonizing the world is achievable. Our world requires electricity to grow and build a sturdier economy. How to get sustainable and reliable power is in our hands and that’s where Power Grids steps in, to shape a stronger, smarter and greener grid.

There are many commonalities between Hitachi and Power Grids like power, innovation, technology, collaboration, sustainability and most importantly empowering people. Together we will be the strongest. Together, we shape the future and inspire the next!”

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Shubhadha Sujith
Shubhadha Sujith

Head of Communications,

Middle East and Africa, South America and South Korea