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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 12-11-2020

2 min read

My Power Grids Story - Lama Al-Fuqaha

I am proud, privileged and lucky to be Power Grids because its values are in line with our human purpose--to make the earth greener and smarter through latest technologies to reduce CO2 emissions and involve all employees in the process.

It is so inspiring to be Power Grids and be part of all the innovation and solutions that are driving the transformation in the energy market. In this new norm, digitalization is helping unlock new business models and serve the needs of customers by combining unique capabilities across sustainable energy and advanced digital technologies.

There is no doubt that infrastructure is a major driver for any country’s competitiveness and there is a focus throughout the globe, on how to gradually develop (future) infrastructures for traffic, communication and energy, and network them with existing ones.

We help customers on how to plan efficiently and use existing infrastructure that are built around conventional resources over many decades with millions of dollars in investment, to be able to adapt to the ‘energy systems of the future.’

Through our solutions, we enable customers to see the value of transition and use it as an opportunity for growth, by capitalizing on existing assets of the existing infrastructure energy system as a resource for more affordable transition and accelerate their journey towards a carbon neutral society.

This genuine care for customers is just one of the many company values that I am very proud of, which are in line with my personal purpose as well. Working in a leading company where I can develop my abilities as an engineer and where I know that it is a team driven by a vision to make the world better truly motivate me.

The friendly atmosphere with a multicultural team led by humble leaders that really believe and support empowering women, make me so glad to be part of this team. ‘Heading to a family gathering,’ is what I feel when I enter the office. The global and diverse environment really help in opening my mind to different views and to learn from all the experts that we have around the globe.

Coming together as Hitachi ABB Power Grids, two champions united together, I feel so excited to take part in new endeavours and in developing more solutions for a more sustainable world. Looking forward to all the knowledge that we can learn and share!