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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 18-02-2021

2 min read

My Power Grids Story - Khentsane Mgiba

I am proud to be Power Grids because it gives me the platform to grow, develop my career and the grace to contribute in achieving some of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, therefore improving the world we live in. As an African female professional, I know I am safe at Power Grids.

As a female who is interested in engineering, this is a safe and supportive environment for me and career. In my work, I get to focus on Electrical Engineering--which is my field of study. This enhances my passion for engineering further as I get to learn all its aspects—such as legal, environmental, meteorological, etc.

In our team, though we come from different backgrounds and diversities, we are united, and this allows us to excel together in what we do and achieve the greater goal of achieving a sustainable energy future. It’s unity. A united team has the same goal to reach. When we are united, we go further.

Together, we aim in supplying quality products which helps our customers’ electrical systems run more efficiently—reducing power losses and helping the customer to save electric power— thereby emitting less carbon dioxide. Our products are also manufactured to maintain the least carbon footprint leading our power grids into the age of a more sustainable energy future and therefore increasing accessibility to electrical energy to many communities.

Newness. This is what excites me. New friends, new colleagues, new business adventures, new knowledge coming in (widening our scope of diversity and gender equality), new beginnings. As we come together with Hitachi, we are stepping into a more innovative platform.