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SVC Light® Enhanced

Keeping electricity flowing in the accelerating green energy transition

SVC Light® Enhanced is Hitachi Energy’s next generation system that combines two grid stabilization technologies, STATCOM and energy storage, to provide both active and reactive power to transmission systems. Through advanced control capabilities using grid-forming control, SVC Light Enhanced dynamically addresses the increasing inertia shortage and rising demand for power quality in today’s ever-evolving energy landscape.  

SVC Light Enhanced builds on the trusted flexibility and modularity of Hitachi Energy’s SVC Light STATCOM, a technology which has long provided efficient reactive power compensation at a 40% carbon footprint reduction compared to traditional solutions.  Active power capability is provided through an integrated supercapacitor-based energy storage system. The active and reactive power flow is controlled by the advanced control algorithms within the MACH control system, allowing grid operators and utilities to dynamically adapt the transmission system to the new energy and load mix.  Our technology is helping customers and countries transition toward a carbon-neutral energy future by enabling the smooth integration of renewable energy sources. 

All-in-one solution for future grid stability

The all-in-one solution for future grid stability is designed and engineered using Hitachi Energy’s unparalleled domain knowledge and expertise, drawing on design and life-cycle knowledge from over 50 years of experience and over 500 installations in the field of dynamic reactive power compensation. This experience has put Hitachi Energy in the unique position to develop a system capable of delivering hundreds of megawatts in a single installation.

With such a meaningful amount of energy storage available, SVC Light Enhanced is providing highly demanded and valuable services such as inertia, short circuit contribution, and system strength support, in addition to the voltage regulation capability of traditional STATCOMs.

Voltage regulation Inertia Short-circuit contribution Flexibility/modularity Controllability
The same dynamic voltage regulation capability as SVC Light through the controlled injection or absorption of MVAr from the power system. The addition of supercapacitors adds active power capability to support the power system with fully-controllable inertial response in a matter of milliseconds. SVC Light Enhanced contributes to a reliable power system fault detection by injecting current during short-circuit.  SVC Light Enhanced provides system strength support by limiting the consequences of power system events. The grid-forming capabilities of our MACH Control System makes SVC Light Enhanced adaptable to rapidly evolving grid conditions.

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19-08-2021 | 2 min read

SVC Light Enhanced - Press Release