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The Integrated Measurement Relay (IMR) enables rapid action on hermetically sealed liquid-filled distribution and small power transformers. The operator would receive an alarm if any of the transformer’s pressure, temperature, oil level, or gassing increased above predetermined thresholds.


Why Hitachi Energy?

  • More than 50 years of experience in manufacturing transformer components
  • Comprehensive product portfolio for distribution and power transformers
  • Smart grid applications
  • Global after-sales and customer support network

Product scope:

  • Hermetically sealed oil-filled distribution transformers and small power transformers
  • Double insulation system, no need to make the earth connection
  • Air venting valve for draining the moisture inside the terminal box
  • Full compliance with the EN 50216-2-2 specification
  • EMC compliance ≤ 25 mT
  • No need for anti-magnetism shielding
  • UV protection screen
Integrated Measurement Relay – IMR

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