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Release of Relion® 670 series version 2.2


The evolution of Relion® 670 series continues with this release.

We are pleased to announce the release of Relion® 670 series version 2.2, our flagship protection & control IEDs. With this release, we bring several new features and enhancements with focus on digital substation applications. The release contains customized and pre-configured IEDs covering all application areas with the products REB/REC/RED/REG/REL/RER/RES and RET670.

The Relion® 670 series covers a complete set of applications from generator protection, transformer protection and control to busbar protection, line protection, phasor monitoring and bay control. With the introduction of version 2.2 of the 670 series, we further expand the application areas especially for digital substations, enhancing the system functionality and flexibility.

Key system features such as support for a large number of Ethernet communication ports, HSR redundancy method, and precision time synchronization following the IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 profile are introduced in this release. Process bus sampled values via IEC/UCA 61850-9-2LE are now supported in all products of the Relion® 670 series family.

New features and benefits

A number of new features are included in this release. The key features and their benefits are listed below:

  • A new high-speed line differential protection meeting sub-cycle operating times help isolate faults much faster.  With this protection, a more accurate compensation of charging currents using voltage measurements from the remote ends is used.
  • Higher data transfer using 2Mbps communication supporting 12 channels of C37.94 protocol and simultaneously capable to transfer 9analogs & 192 binary signals.  This also enables cost effective line differential protection especially in double CB applications by reducing the number of communication links.
  • A new single phase, six-zone busbar protection for up to 24 bay applications enables a solution of deployment of centralized busbar protection for more complex busbar installations.
  • A new transformer condition monitoring functionality for monitoring the loss of life of transformer insulation. This enables supervision on the installed transformers based on actual operating conditions.
  • A phasor measurement (PMU) and reporting feature is now integrated in protection and control IEDs. The PMU feature is available as standalone in RES670 or integrated in REC670/RED670/REG670/ REL670/RET670 products to enable cost-effective, distributed phasor monitoring functionality.
  • The application of railway protection and control IED product, RER670, now supports several system frequencies namely 16.7/50/60 Hz.
  • Up to six optical Ethernet ports, physically as optical LC SFP connectors, that are completely free configurable for any /combination of protocols and in addition support IEC/UCA 61850-9-2LE and GOOSE are supported together.
  • High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) protocol for network redundancy is now available. The Ethernet ports of Relion® 670 series can now be custom configured as single/PRP/HSR as required.
  • Highly accurate accuracy and yet very cost effective time synchronization with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 profile.
  • Higher Ingress Protection (IP) class on the IED casing and conformal coating of electronics contributing to overall reliability during its operating lifetime.
  • The disturbance recorder in all products of Relion® 670 series version 2.2 now support 40 analog channels and 352 binary channels as standard. This enables the capture of a large amount of data for post fault analysis.

Externally type tested communication protocols (IEC 61850 Ed. 1 & Ed. 2, DNP 3.0 and IEC 60870-5-103) safeguards trouble-free system integration and operation of your protection and control investment.

PCM600 and IED Connectivity package for 670 series products version 2.2

PCM600 version 2.8 together with 670 series connectivity package version 3.2 will be required. The version 3.2 of the IED Connectivity package for Relion® 670 series supports 670 series version 2.2 products as well as earlier versions of the 670 series.

For further details about this the connectivity package version and its installation, please refer to the release note Release of IED Connectivity Package version 3.2 for Relion 670 series.

Documentation & marketing material

The product guides, technical manuals, technical summary sheets and brochures are available via

Ordering and delivery

The Relion® 670 series version 2.2 products can be ordered as of today.  For the current delivery time, please get in touch with our sales contact at Hitachi Energy Automation Products.

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Joseph Menezes
Global Product Manager
Substation Automation Products
Release of Relion® 670 series version 2.2
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