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Rapid response

An integrated maintenance and substation management environment enables well informed decisions at any time, from anywhere. Hitachi Energy's extensive expertise ensures that the right work is done in line with the procedures, at the right place and time, with the right tools, materials and people.

Rapid Response is the entry service level agreement (SLA) in Grid Integration, Service Solutions which is offering customers the fastest response time possible. It includes 24/7 response possibility to solve issues by our local experts supported by the Hitachi Energy Customer Connect Center. On top agreed T&Cs can be used to resolve issues on-site as soon as possible. Rapid Response can be executed including Augmented Reality (AR) features, in order to be able to document issues in a fast and efficient way and even be able to guide a person on-site remotely to solve the issue.

Clear benefits for our customers

Reduced complexity

Less time wasted. Fewer hassles. Simplified service interaction.

Services performed safely and efficiently with single point of contact and prioritized local 24/7 support.

Controlled costs

More predictability. Fewer surprises. Consistent service delivery.

Structured approach with fixed annual preferential pricing resulting in a consistent experience every time. 

Maximized operational efficiency

Customized service with global expertise.

Optimize operation and ensure unplanned outages are eliminated or reduced to a minimum. Value unlocked by digital capabilities