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Sustainable life extension solution

Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time, and urgent action is needed to secure a livable future. To achieve this, it is essential to have a well-driven roadmap toward energy transition.​

Hitachi Energy offers our customers products and services to advance a sustainable energy future. ​

Transformer refurbishment either at Hitachi Energy premises or at the Customer site reduces the stress of aging, re-establishes short circuit strengths, and improves the dielectric strength of the insulation system. A well-maintained transformer reduces operating costs and improves reliability. ​

To extend the asset's technical life, Transformer refurbishment can be an intermediate action when no failure has occurred yet, but the aging of the unit has reached a stage where the continued reliability of the transformer is unacceptable. ​

Hitachi Energy can restore key components of the transformer to state-of-the-art as close to "as new" ones but also can support our Customers in their SDGs with advanced refurbishment solutions to meet efficiency, circularity, and material avoidance targets by replacing major components such as winding blocks or magnetic core. ​

​Our refurbishment services cover two added-value proposals:​

Transformer Rehabilitation Sustainable Life Extension
Transformer Refurbisment for Transformer Service

Scope of work

Upon receipt of the transformer in the factory, a visual inspection and electrical control will be performed to identify which rehabilitation actions will be taken and provide a delivery date.

Pending the root cause and agreed actions taken, the active part will be untanked and inspected.

Following the upgrade or service of noble parts, accessories, and other auxiliary equipment, the active part is dried and replaced in the tank, refilled with oil, and a high-voltage test is performed.

After the factory acceptance test, the newly revitalized transformer is ready to be delivered back to its owner.

If requested, Hitachi Energy can, of course, cater for the transport of the unit back and forth from the site.

The rehabilitation would not replace the windings or the core but rather rejuvenate the transformer by performing refurbishment on coolers, radiators, breathers, pumps, and valves, providing services, such as re-gasketing, inspection and re-clamping of connections, oil filtration, revision of tap changer, or clean, retighten and dry the active part.

All is concluded by performing the appropriate tests.

Workshop Repairs for Distribution and Small Power Transformers

Hitachi Energy offers workshop repairs for distribution and power transformers ranging from 315 kVA to 5 MVA.

Workshop Repairs for Medium and Large Power Transformers

Hitachi Energy offers workshop repairs for medium and large power transformers.

Workshop Repairs for Traction Transformers

Hitachi Energy offers workshop repairs for traction transformers to prevent unpredicted failure and ensure a long transformer life.

On-site Repairs

Hitachi Energy offers on-site repairs to bring the transformer factory setup to the work site with the TrafoSiteRepair™ service that is executed to the same high-quality standard as a workshop repair.

Transformer Component Upgrades

Transformers component upgrades are based on Hitachi Energy's decade-long experience in manufacturing and maintaining its products.


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Serviço de transformadores

Ativos envelhecidos, o aumento da demanda de energia e a necessidade crítica de evitar interrupções não planejadas estão desafiando concessionárias de energia elétrica e indústrias em todo o mundo. O portfólio de serviços da Hitachi Energy permite que as concessionárias de energia elétrica e os setores industriais aumentem o retorno sobre os ativos dos transformadores, garantindo alta confiabilidade, reduzindo os custos do ciclo de vida e assegurando um desempenho otimizado enquanto reduz o impacto ambiental.
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A Hitachi Energy oferece transformadores de distribuição e energia, transformadores EconiQ™ e a seco, bem como serviços, para aplicações industriais e comerciais.