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Customer Success Story

Powering below the waves

Subsea transformers enables declining oil and gas fields to be more productive and making new deepwater fields accessible

The present state of the art in subsea power has been defined by the 310 meter-deep Åsgard field in Norwegian territorial waters utilizing subsea compressors for the very first time.

Hitachi Energy contributed to the world’s first subsea gas compressor station and manufactured nine subsea transformers for this project, completed and tested in June 2013.

Hitachi Energy’s subsea transformer is a rugged, powerful unit capable of operating at depths of up to three kilometers. With high power and voltage ratings (19 MVA/31 kV/6.6 kV) and a high operating frequency (up to 121 Hz), this specialized transformer is the most efficient on the market and capable of reliable operation at this site. Although they will operate at a depth of 400 m, they are capable of operating in the deepest fields on the planet – 3,000 m below the surface.

Hitachi Energy is an innovator in subsea electrical solutions and has been involved in the development of subsea electrical equipment for many years. Feasibility studies on subsea components began in 1984 and the first commercial subsea transformer was delivered in 1998.

Main data
Customer Statoil
Product Special transformers
Application Subsea
Power rating 19 MVA/31 kV/6.6 kV
Location The Halten Bank in the Norwegian Sea, Norway
Commissioning date June 2013