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Customer Success Story

Digital transformer enhances power system reliability at InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay

Digital transformer enhances power system reliability at InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay

Based on standard operating conditions in the hotel the TXpertTM Enabled dry transformer from Hitachi Energy is expected to see a drop of 40% in failure rate and increase in life extension by up to 50%


The hotel-stay can make or break a trip leaving lasting memories. Hotels, therefore, strive hard to ensure their guests have the highest level of comfort and service quality to make their stay pleasant. One of the essential elements in ensuring this is the reliable and consistent supply of electricity. It is the distribution transformers located at the hotel that route electricity for various applications in the hotel. Setting up the right electric infrastructure and maintaining it efficiently is critical for the hotel management to prevent power outage and reduce operating expenses. 

InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay has been a winner of multiple awards for surpassing customer expectations due to its outstanding hospitality and high level of comforts. When they consulted I2R Consulting and Engineering Services for an upgrade to their electric infrastructure with new transformers, they wanted to be future-ready.

As global leaders of transformers and long-term partners of I2R, Hitachi Energy recommended the optimum solution for the InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay – the TXpertTM Enabled Dry distribution transformer.

The TXpertTM Enabled transformer from Hitachi Energy delivers quantifiable and reliable performance insights needed to reduce unplanned outages.  After detailed explanation on how it can also optimize operational expenses and improve the end-of-life decision to maximize return on CAPEX, InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay, decided to go ahead with it.

Customer Highlights

“We are happy to have our first, TXpertTM enabled dry digital transformer in the Asia-Pacific region installed at InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay. We are confident that this transformer will allow the hotel to, reduce costs, optimize operations, extend life-expectancy and enhance environmental performance.", Nirupa Chander, Country Managing Director, Hitachi Energy – Singapore. 


The TXpertTM Enabled digital transformer is part of the TXpertTM ecosystem for digitalization of transformers from Hitachi Energy. This ecosystem is open, scalable and manufacturer agnostic with a complete suite of products, software, services and solutions.

Leveraging the data and intelligence collected by an array of onboard sensors and processed by a powerful suite of analytics, the hotel will be able to implement data-driven asset management of its distribution transformers.

A detailed study was undertaken by the team at Hitachi Energy to estimate the benefits of TXpertTM Enabled transformer for the hotel over the traditionally assumed 20-year lifespan with standard operating conditions. Basis the study, the TXpertTM Enabled transformers are expected to reduce failure rate by about 40% and increase life expectancy by up to 50%. Additionally, the transformer’s book value would double at the end of 20 years.

In addition, the actionable intelligence delivered by this transformer will allow the O&M staff of the hotel perform condition-based maintenance, instead of time-based maintenance to optimize their operations, reducing routine maintenance costs by 50%.

Above all, with the dry transformer technology there is no risk of oil-leakage and no need of additional fire-suppression system. The hotel staff can conduct the required maintenance activities with greater ease and safety and with no danger to the environment.


Benefits of TXpertTM Enabled transformer
*Assuming standard lifetime as 20 years

Dinesh Advani, Director from RB Capital Hotels, owner of the InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay said “It is our vision to keep updating and upgrading our systems to benefit from new technology that improves business operations and the overall experience of our guests. The TXpertTM Enabled transformer from Hitachi Energy, enables us to save substantial costs in our operations over its lifespan as well as an increase in book-value at its end-of-life. Its reduction in failure-related outage and complete dry operation gives us greater peace of mind.”

This TXpertTM enabled transformer was installed & energized at InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay in June 2020.