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Successful migration from RTU211 to RTU511 in Zambia

Hitachi Energy's migration kit enables the extension of the lifetime of the installed RTU base

The national power utility of Zambia, ZESCO, took the chance to upgrade their installed RTU211 to the new RTU511. The customer wanted to profit from the functionalities of high-end RTUs while keeping the significant number of installed RTU211. Hitachi Energy made this possible with the migration of the installed RTU211 to the state-of-the-art RTU511 in only a few steps. The migration kit 511MKM01 provided the brand new CMU module and a new housing which make the migration possible in combination with the appropriate license.

Migration process

The upgrade process was handled on site with the involvement of the customer. After the successful import of the existing RTU211 configuration with RTUtil500, the easy-to-use engineering tool of the complete RTU500 series, the migration of the hardware was done. For this, the new CMU module included in the migration kit replaced the old CMU while all process interfaces remained unchanged. With the plugin of the SD card which contained the firmware and license the migrated configuration data could be downloaded. After the restart of the RTU the migration was successfully completed.

Successful migration for happy customers

The customer was very happy with the result. The successful migration of RTU211 to the modern, up-to-date functionality of RTU511 is a key figure in Hitachi Energy’s mission to protect customer investments and keep their confidence. Since a complete new installation process would be a disruption of the customer’s business, the migration allows customers to implement new features and capabilities to their existing RTU211 base with only a minimum of time and effort.

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